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Workshops on Site Safety and External Hazard Assessment


The establishment of sustainable training programmes is fundamental for the safe, secure and efficient development of the nuclear field. The IAEA offers a wide spectrum of activities in support of education, training, human resource development and capacity building including interregional, regional and national training courses and workshops, sharing good practices; publications that accumulate best international practices; supply of training materials and training tools; and internship programmes for the younger generations. Within this context International Seismic Safety Centre (ISSC) offers a set of Workshops and Training packages covering all Site Safety aspects as they are reflected in applicable IAEA Safety Requirements and Safety Guides. Regional Workshops (duration of 1 week) are typically addressing all site safety aspects in a comprehensive manner. Specialized training or workshops are available for each Hazard (e.g. Seismic, Tsunami, Volcanic, Metrologic, Hydrologic, Human Induced and geotechnical hazards as well as radiological dispersion and environmental impact assessment) presenting in more details the methodology and illustrative examples.

The selection and the evaluation of a site for a nuclear power plant are crucial parts of establishing a first nuclear power plant programme in a country and it can significantly affect the costs, public acceptance and safety of the installation during its complete lifecycle.

Responsible/Contact: International Seismic Safety Centre | Last update: 3 June 2011